Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

Darlene Chessman


What they are...

Italian Charm Bracelets are customizable jewelry made of individual links. Most people begin with a starter bracelet. A starter bracelet is a bracelet that generally has up to 18 links and each of the links are the same. (They are often very plain and simple.) Here are a couple examples:

Over time, people collect links that show off their own personal taste. Each of the links can be replaced until the entire bracelet is full of charms that are special to that person. Here are some examples of individual links:


How to "link" charms together...

Putting together an Italian charms bracelet from charms (links) is not difficult, but might require some practice. It might help to have a little screwdriver or a paperclip to open individual links. It is important to realize that each link has two different sides and can only be linked in a certain direction. Here are some instructions:

1. Take an individual link and find the side that slides open. Push the top of the charm to slide it open or use a paperclip to hook the sliding part and pull it open.

2. The sliding part has a small opening at the bottom that hooks into an opening of another charm.

3. Release the charms to lock them into place.